About Me

Who am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle

I’m a twenty-something full-time graduate student and full-time professional trying to create and maintain a life despite my illness.

Diagnosis Is there no way out of the mind?

Around 8 years old, I fell into a deep depression and silently suffered for years. When puberty hit I began showing typical childhood signs of bipolar. At around 14, a doctor finally diagnosed me with Bipolar Type II. From 14-18, I was noncompliant with treatment, and in and out of the hospital. My mother deserves a big-ass award for everything she had to fight me on just to keep me alive and kinda-sorta well. At 18, I left for college and the responsibility was handed over to me. It took until about age 20 before I finally started to take control over my illness. Today, I fight. Some days harder than others, but I do it.

Recently, I was additionally diagnosed with premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). If you put my hospitalizations on a timeline, they all fall into a perfect pattern with my menstrual cycle. Cute, right? All it really means is that we’ve put a label on the fact that there’s certain weeks, which align with my menstrual cycle, where I have to fight extra hard. And I do.

I have zero professional qualifications in this field. Everything comes from personal experience and research. As much as I LOVE to answer any and all questions, my bottom line is always consult your doctorStay safe, pretties ❤


One response to “About Me

  • LC

    Same as me – blonde, slim, upper-middle class, wealthy parents, good upbringing and still this has happened to me. It can happen to anyone, right under your nose and you could never even realise. Respect for taking control of your illness, that was one of the harder parts for me to do but i did it! We stand together and we fight xo

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